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  • The radiation environment in space is a major threat to the operation of satellites and their components.
    The characterization of the radiation environment is of great importance in order to support today’s and future missions by providing forecast information as well as alert functions.

    The knowledge of the space environment helps satellite operators optimize future spacecraft designs at lower cost.

    Space radiation monitoring system becomes a key element for major space missions to provide relevant information to the spacecraft operators.

    EFRD SRM monitors and evaluates radiological impact on the spacecraft system in the space environment, through the capability of measuring ISD-VGS values of MOSFET.

    Satrec Initiative has been involved in several Space Radiation Monitoring activities for over 20 years. Anchored from KITSAT-3, EFRD SRM has been applied in-orbit satellite systems, including UAE’s DubaiSat-1 (2009) and STSAT-3 (2012).